A World That Provides

Photo credit: Ryan Beppu

A community teenage cat turned up at my door the day I moved into my house and chose me (and now my housemate) to be his family. It would appear he simply decided to adopt the house and we happened to be the animals that came with it. He is fixed and well behaved around furniture and appliances. We wonder if he grew up with a family when little and that was his imprinting. When he just started to come by, he was a PTSD wreck, fidgety, ripping food off our hands as if possessed. Two weeks in, he is more relaxed and calm rather than reacting to mindless frenzy.

That being said, we gave him a time out on the patio when he was hijacking meal preparation one night. He was immediately bullied by a big cat, who started hissing and marking her territory by peeing. When we opened the patio door, he was curled up in a ball on the edge of the roof. The next morning, another little cat wandered in and did the same thing, marking her territory by defecating next to him on the bed! I couldn’t help but wonder perhaps he is ill-adjusted in the community cat world. Therefore, he reaches outward so earnestly to find refuge in the human world?

Do you see the parallel when you find yourself a stranger in a strange land? Instead of holding on to your history, succumbing to the anxiety to achieve to validate your journey, fixating on what a good outcome should look like, allow the world to uplift. Per Wayne Dyer, simply accept — we are in a world that provides. Share your light, and make your prosperity your service.



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